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Late Breaking News:  FemaSeed Now FDA-Cleared

Our Mission

Femasys is a biomedical company focused on meeting women’s unmet needs worldwide by developing a broad portfolio of innovative product candidates and products that include minimally invasive, in-office technologies for reproductive health.

Our Focus

Permanent Birth Control

Over 13 million women in the US no longer intend to have children. Surgical tubal ligation has been performed since the 1880’s and remains the only option for women who want permanent birth control.


In the US alone, more than 10 million women struggle with infertility. Despite advancements, there have been no new affordable options for women struggling with infertility in over 30 years.

Clinical-Stage Asset

Our product candidate is designed to provide a solution to meet the needs of women underserved by the current option in permanent birth control. Our pipeline may help women with their reproductive health journey by providing a non-surgical option to preventing pregnancy.

Commercial Assets

FemaSeed® is an innovative first-line infertility treatment designed to deliver sperm directly to where conception occurs in a woman’s fallopian tube.

FemVue® is a diagnostic tool that provides safe and reliable contrast for ultrasound evaluation of the fallopian tubes.

FemCath® allows for assessment of the uterine cavity and, when paired with FemVue, selective evaluation of the fallopian tubes.

FemCerv® is a diagnostic tool to capture a comprehensive sample of the cervix for evaluation of cervical cancer.

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