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Permanent birth
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The lack of innovation for permanent birth control over the last half century leaves women struggling for viable options.

Birth Control

The only permanent birth control option available to women around the world is surgical tubal ligation, which was first performed in the 1880s.  Although effective, surgery is associated with scarring from incisions, increased safety risks, recovery time and may not be a suitable option. The demand for accessible contraceptive options, particularly permanent, continues to rise.

More than 13 million women no longer intend to have children in the U.S.1
More than 12 million women use non-permanent birth control long-term in the U.S.1
  1. Daniels K. NCHS Data Brief, no 388. 2020
  2. Frattarelli 2007
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800,000 women choose tubal ligation every year in the U.S.
800,000 women choose tubal ligation every year in the U.S.2

Our Permanent Birth Control Solution

Treatment and Confirmation Test
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FemBloc features our proprietary delivery platform, which places balloon technology close to the opening of both fallopian tubes. This in-office approach is designed to eliminate the risks of incisions, anesthesia, and hormones. As a nonsurgical procedure that is implant free, FemBloc delivers a biopolymer that is expected to expel within 3 months leaving behind the woman’s own tissue in-growth to block the fallopian tubes. Confirmation of procedure success can be achieved after 90 days, which would provide women with a certainty no other option can achieve.

FemBloc is under clinical investigation in the U.S. (NCT05977751).

Clinical Trial Status

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Stage II
Stage III

Biopolymer delivered

  • Device placed through cervix into uterine cavity
  • Balloon catheters are advanced and inflated
  • Biopolymer is delivered into each fallopian tube

Biopolymer solidifies

  • Device is removed after biopolymer delivery
  • Biopolymer solidifies with contact to local tissue

Biopolymer degrades

  • Biopolymer is designed to degrade over time and completely expel naturally

Confirmation of success

  • Small section of each fallopian tube is closed with tissue ingrowth 
  • Ultrasound test confirms blocked tubes for permanent birth control

Dr. Blumenthal provides his personal insights using FemBloc and its benefits.