Our Mission

Who we are

Femasys is a leading biomedical company focused on addressing significant unmet needs of women worldwide with a broad portfolio of in-office, accessible, and innovative therapeutic and diagnostic products.
Our Vision

Empowering Women

Femasys is committed to providing women with revolutionary products as they seek solutions throughout their reproductive journey. Technological advancements in female reproductive health are long overdue, driving our focus to develop in-office, accessible, and innovative options.
Company Highlights


We positively impact women’s lives by providing innovative technologies that are safe, natural, and minimally invasive.


We believe women are in the best position to know what women need. Kathy Lee-Sepsick is the founder and lead inventor of all Femasys’ technologies.


Safety is the biggest driver of our decision-making process, because we believe women deserve the highest standards of care.
Our Commitment

Transformative healthcare, created with care

The lack of innovation across reproductive health over the past few decades has left women with limited and antiquated options. Our pipeline seeks to answer the call for improved standards of care as we bring to market in-office technologies that are safe, natural, and minimally invasive.

Our Platform

Minimally invasive,
in-office technologies

Our non-surgical, proprietary delivery platform requires no capital equipment and leverages existing intrauterine techniques. Our minimally invasive technologies are designed to provide safe, convenient in-office approaches, saving time and reducing costs.

Femasys has an expansive, internally-created intellectual property portfolio with over 150 patents globally for our product candidates and our products.